If I join Halcyon Health, do I still need insurance?

Yes.  Halcyon Health is NOT an insurance plan.  Your membership fees cover primary care services but don't cover major surgery or hospitalizations.  In general, direct primary care practices can pair well with high deductible health plans or medical cost sharing plans.  We recommend you consult an insurance broker to decide what plan makes the most sense for you.

Is this concierge medicine?

No.  However, there is overlap between direct primary care and concierge medicine.  The most important difference is in the cost and billing structure.  In general, concierge practices charge an annual retainer along with billing insurance.  The typical annual retainers are over $1800 per year.  Direct primary care practices generally charge monthly fees which tend to be less than $100 and generally do not also bill insurance for other services.  Both concierge medicine and direct primary care strive to improve the experience you have at the doctors office by making care more personal and taking more time to listen. 

AM I REALLY ABLE TO text, CALL, video chat, and email with my doctor just by paying my membership fee?


What else is included in my membership fee?

A detailed list of included services along with extra services is here.  

I don't see the doctor often, why should I join?

We believe that having a trusting relationship with your primary doctor is important, even if you are healthy.  We offer health coaching to help you continue to improve your health.  Should you ever get sick, we will be there to guide you.

I have medicare, can I sign up?

Absolutely!  We believe that our services are highly valuable to medicare-eligible people. Our model allows us more time to listen to you and to coordinate your care with your other providers and caregivers.  

Do you accept patients with pre-existing conditions?

Yes.  We accept patients without any limits on pre-existing conditions.  

What if I decide to cancel?  

If you decide to cancel, it's easy, you just let us know.  We do charge an enrollment fee and if you cancel then decide to rejoin, you will be asked to pay the enrollment fee again.

I own a small business, can you help me?

Absolutely!  We are happy to partner with you to bring our quality services to your employees and save them time away from work waiting at the doctor's office.  Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

Do you offer telehealth services?

Yes!  Our partner Twine Health uses a platform that will allow us to securely text, video chat and more.  We will always strive to bring you appropriate care in the appropriate way.  If we can use our tele-health services to help save you a trip to the office, we most definitely will.  

What about specialty care?

The great thing about your primary doctor having more time, is that your primary doctor can solve more of your problems. In the direct primary care model, we can manage the majority of your healthcare needs.  We utilize a service called RubiconMD that offers web-based eConsults with top specialists across the country. These eConsults allow our patients to receive more comprehensive care while avoiding unnecessary and inconvenient referrals to specialists.  The RubiconMD eConsult service incurs no additional cost for patients.  If specialty care is needed, we have a large community of specialists that we work closely with.  We will communicate carefully and consistently with specialists to be sure you receive an appropriate consult.