In this blog, I want to share my thoughts on health.  I want to dive deeper into topics I am confronted  with every day.  But mostly, this blog is for you.  I want to empower you and your family to get the most out of the health care system.  I want to help you explore the failings and victories of modern medicine.  I want you to know how to ask your doctor questions, how to get what you really need out of your experience with your physician.  I want you to understand the magic and danger of modern technology and it’s intersection with health.  I love feedback, please help me answer the right questions for you.

A bit on my training and professional development.  I started out getting a degree in Bioengineering from the University of California, San Diego.  I then headed out to the Bronx for medical school at the Albert Einstein, College of Medicine.  My first day in the Bronx, I stood in my high rise, bare bones student housing, looking over the urban desert and cried.  But, those eight years in New York were gold; affronting bitter cold, electric excitement, 9/11, life changing fancy cheese and wine, death, suicide, love, despair, the truest and best friendships of my life, learning that I could be that person that yelled in the street at someone honking relentlessly at 6am, “shut the f*** up, people are sleeping you a**hole”.

In my last year of residency, I had the honor of being selected to participate in an Integrative Medicine Fellowship.  This program was a game changer.  I was the youngest in the program.  Most of the participants were already in practice and coming to this for another perspective on medicine.  I was green, so I listened to the experiences of those who had been in the game for a while.  The theme over and over was, don’t get the big house and fancy car, give yourself a chance to live and love what you do.  I found my chi.  I learned to meditate.  I learned to eat real food.   I actually started pooping every day at the same time.  I studied more about the connection between mind and body.  I took an intro course on hypnosis in New York, a fascinating experience with an eclectic group of  people.  I tried acupuncture, got chiropractic adjustments, saw a therapeutic touch healer, started a program at an underserved high school teaching yoga, nutrition, and meditation, and developed an herbal education program for the doctors in training.