Letter to My Patients

To My Dear Patients,

Thank you.  For the past 8 years you have trusted me with your health.  You have shown me how amazingly resilient you are.  You have given me hope and made me realize that we have to be grateful for the beauty and love around us, because you just don’t know what is coming next.

I truly love being your doctor.  

However, our current broken healthcare system is making it difficult for me to be the kind of doctor that I want to be.  I want to be available to you, to have the time to listen to you and carefully evaluate the best plan for your health.  I want to provide you the best technology to help improve your experience in healthcare.  I believe that a direct primary care (DPC) practice will help me reach this goal.  

Direct primary care practices are thriving in communities throughout the country.  I have spoken with many doctors who have successfully pursued this model of practice and have learned from them how well this model works.  I strongly believe that this affordable model of healthcare can start to mend our broken system.  

I will be opening my direct primary care office, Halcyon Health DPC in March of 2016 here in Orange County.  I am so excited to bring this new model of care to Orange County.  Please explore this website to learn more about what I am  doing.  I am looking forward to being a better doctor for  you and our community.

With gratitude,